Guess What??
Yesterday I went SHOPPING with my friends
we rent a van from PADMA and of course got driver Mr Atang..*sorry if I got the spelling wrong those who know him*
The first shopping spot is Pasar Baru
There, got many things from clothes, shoes, handbags..souveniours ..almost everything u can find the and the price??
I think it's cheap and u can negotiate until u get the lowest price they can give..
I bought my family and my friends something there..
u can never finish shopping there in one day *well, if u got the money XD*
then, we went to Toko Tiga.. got many Levi's things and other outfits..
After that..hurm..Dago...paradise of Factory Outlets

One of Them..
hmm..then..we went to Rumah MOde..some more factory Outlet..

The last place we went yesterday is..Paris Van Java a.k.a PVJ
we eat there..and shopping some more...
very tiring...
dont want to tell how much I've spent..

wanna post more pictures but cant >.<..
later maybe....
Wanna write more but too lazy XD

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