HappY BirthdaY to Me
y am I so happy?
well it's my BIRTHDAY of course i'm contented
but the most important thing is my friends who make me so happy
when I'm all alone and thousand miles away from my beloved family
they cheer me up
not only today, everyday :)
want to say my gratitude towards all especially Muneera!! <3
and to my lovely housemates to be Hafizah, Alyaa, Bea, Kam and As..
cant wait to move into our luxurious bungalow..hoho..
and for Twinning Program Students 2009
u guys ROCKSS!!
May Allah Bless Us All and succeed to become a good Doctor

My Birthday Cake by My Beloved Housemates To BE :)

A present I will treasure From Muneera <3

so happy although i havent studied my learning issue >.<
and for my parents..i love u..
without u, i'll never be here...for sure...

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