Trip to Safari Park, Bogor, Indonesia

Salam everyone.. :D
Genki desuka??
haha...i just wanna post about my trip to Taman Safari Indonesia, located in West Java,
specifically, Cisarua, Bogor.
went there last Friday..
kinda late post, huh..
i'm not in the mood to write back then..
and now i am!!
It's is very exciting indeed.. :D
got to watch animal shows (elephant, tigers n dolphins)
Captured lots of pics XD

mama white tiger

me and mr. orang utan

baby white tiger Saga :)

I like this one a lot!!

these are only some of them :)

I've seen a lots of animals there and feel very close to nature..
I'm very glad that i have a chance to experience this
especially when I go there with my friends..
of course it would be better if my family was there too :D
Unfortunately, we missed the chance to go to the garden..
I felt a little bit disappointed :(
I'd like to see all those flowers
maybe next time..

one more thing
if u wanna go there, make sure u bring ur own foods coz the prize is d*** expensive
maybe becoz it's tourism spot
unless u r rich...or u dont mind if it's about food XD

another one more thing!!
Kayla is now married!! XD
i'm sooooooo happy ^^
Her husband named Kyle..
he's a white tiger
Kayla is a
I hope they'll lead a happy life and get many children!!


Lovely+Cute newly wed couple!!
that's all, TQ

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