First Time
Salam all~
(plz ignore the " this one maybe the last one until my exam ends" statement..oh..i said MAYBE :D)
BTW, i just wanna tell u all that i'm happy today coz for the 1st time i enter a contest in DA
and I won 2nd place..Alhamdulillah :)
it is Miyazaki Fan Art contest held by Muslim-Manga group :D
TQ for voters :)
though there r many other great artworks
*kinda ashamed of myself winning on this kinda lame work*
so, here it is

it is Chihiro n Haku from Spirited away directed by Hayao Miyazaki n released by Studio Ghibli
Haku is resulted from laziness..sorry~

p/s: not going to draw anything until exam ends(we'll see about that)
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