New System, New Spirit!!
salam all~ :D
so the holiday has ended and come the beginning of new system~
Dermatomusculoskeletal system or DMS
maybe :D

the books got many picture that might induce you to puke after watching
but i have to get myself used to it..yeah, it's a must

here are some :D
not so extreme as i don't want any of u to never visit my page again :P
but if it offense u, i'm so sorry

BTW, this system's group 3 tutormates are:

1. Lina
2. Ijat
3. shida
4. Azlin
5. Linda
6. Me :D
7. Azrul
8. Khalil

hihi...may the spirit last..amiiin....

p/s: I've never been into group 1 and 4

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