Finally, the day has come.. May 12th
I'll enter Matriculation in Malacca.
Gotto further my study..
Hmm..the last day working is boring.
Nothing special happen for me to treasure.
But I'm glad that I worked there and made some new friends.
Yan, Farahin, Hidayah, Suzie, Azah, K.Ida, k.Ida Cheetah Ladies, K.Ina, K.Tini, K.Yati, K.Ita, K.Ti, Abg Fauzi and those who are not mentioned *sorry* I'll remember all of you (hope so)
Thanks for giving me such precious memory.
And also to Farah and Syahira..my friends since elementary school!
And we worked together..and now going to be seperated again..
I hope we'll all succeed in whatever we do. InsyaAllah
I think that's all for now. Till I write again :) See ya!

P/s: HAppy Mother's Day!! (MAy 11th)
I love You mom..thnx for everything.MAy Allah Bless You <3

THe Store Geng! Love you Guys!!

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