MAtricuLAtioN liFe
Almost two weeks being in the matriculation.
Live began to be more hectic day after day.
Orientation week was the busiest week.
Lots of activities and it was very tiring yet I had fun throughout the week.
Getting to know more people, meeting seniors from the same high school.
Gaining experiences from them, it was very precious!
Studying is another thing...
Everyday, we have to prepare for the topic of the next day.
So, we'll be able to understand more as the lecturer explain.
Skill of taking notes is important during the lecture process.
We must be able to write fast and at the same time listen to the lecturer's explaination.

I've missed the scond Biology lecture on the second day as a result for sleeping in the afternoon.
My advice is, it is crucial for us to be able to be puntual and attend the class because even in one hour lesson we could gain many knowledge and it is a waste if we missed it.

that's all for now.

My English Sucks..SORRY.

ah! Lupe nak bagi new friends...

roommates- Hidayah, HAjar, and Roslina..
Classmates- Syuhada,Ili, Kira..and a lot more..
ex-kisaSianS- Adibah, Syafiqah Jasmi, Syafiqah Sapar, NAjwa, AfuZa and HazwAn
ex-smks 18-Afif (today I know the fact that he loves YUI!!!)and Wan Ahmad HAzeeM
ex-smk 18-HAjar..
those that I've not mentioned, sorry..maybe later
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