TRIP to JAKARTA: Itinerary

Salam all~
So, it's tomorrow~the trip to Jakarta that i've been waiting for :D
So, here's the itenerary

14/6/10 (1st day~)
0500-0530: Depart from beloved Jatinagor~
0900-1000: Arrive at Anchol n head to Seaworld Indonesia
1030-1600: To Dunia Fantasi, Jakarta
1630-1800: To Pantai Anchol (sunset!!! >_<)
1830-1900: Arrive at Taman Mini Indonesia (we're gonna stay there for a night :D)

15/6/10 (2nd Day~)
0400-0430: Subuh prayer
0600-0800: Breakfast
0830-1200: Taman Mini Indonesia's Explorace
1230-1330: Prayer n Prepare to Leave :(
1330-1530: Head to Bogor's summit (well, I translate it from puncak Bogor XD)
1600-1800: Arrive at Kota Bunga (we missed that when we went to Bogor last time)
1830: Prayer and head back to Jatinangor

I hope we can stick to the plan and I'm not gonna tolerate if we miss any of this activity~
So Jakarta, I'm gonna step my feet on you tomorrow, InsyaAllah
Have fun All~

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